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The Honda Accord 2020 has the following disadvantages:
1. Honda SENSING is only available in hybrid models.
Although the 2020 Honda Accord has a complete safety system technology, the original version of the 1.5 Turbo as a normal engine does not provide Honda SENSING safety technology.
2. The materials in some points are not worth the price.
The interior design of the 2020 Honda Accord is very distinctive. The elegantly designed dashboard of its central touch screen is decorated with wood grain, but in fact, the dashboard is made of plastic, so it does not have the premium it deserves.
3. There is no USB port on the back of the default model.
There are only 2 USB ports 1.5 Turbo in entry-level cars, which may not be very convenient, but if you want 4 channels, you must buy a hybrid car.
4. It is very difficult to adjust the rear seats.
Another disadvantage of the 2020 Honda Accord is that it is difficult to adjust the folding degree of the rear seats because there is no latch to adjust or pull the seats in the cabin. If pulled, the latch is located at the rear of the luggage case. When you pull the latch, you must fold the seat itself again.
5. Glass cannot filter light.
The price of the Honda Accord in 2020 is 1 million baht, and the rearview mirror is still manually adjusted. Rear-view mirrors and side-view mirrors are not filters. This makes me feel that it is not worth the price.
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