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Hi all.

Top Gear is dead but I'd like to share new channel with subs for some cool test drives from Russia. Most attention I payed to Davidich. Eric Davidich (real name: David Kituashvili) is the most famous Russian auto-fan, streetracer, big fan of BMW. Previous personal Eric's cars: Mercedes G 55 AMG "Pitbull", BMW M5 E60 "Gold" (both are legends), Nissan GTR and plenty of different elite cars. Now he owns BMW M5 E60 "Shadow", BMW 750Ld and BMW X5 M "Gold Edition" extremely tuned for 24 million rubles ($400,000+).

Test Drives by Davidich can be described: When money doesn't matter. Public roads. No speed limits. No censure. Unique Russian humor and atmosphere. This is not a review. This is a show.
Cars are been taken from regular rich people, not directly from manufacturers or dealerships, that's why this is absolute independent and honest opinion of person who has driven a lot of exotic cars.
Official Russian channel has 1 million+ subscribers.

Channel is here Watch, rate, subscribe for updates.

One example, test drive of Rolls-Royce Wraith (including: working as taxi-driver, hard drive in traffic, burnout)

another, Mercedes AMG GT S

Tesla Model S Road Story

Check out other videos:
Mercedes vs Lexus quality check
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