The homeowners of this apartment wanted a design that would impress their guests, and they couldn’t have asked for anything better. This gorgeous apartment proves that slides are the new stairs. Located in Kharkiv, Ukraine, this apartment is the product of Ki Design Studio’s creative genius. Instead of filling empty space with elaborate statues and abstract paintings, they decided to build something useful — a slide that connects the living room to the second floor.

Don’t worry: you don’t have to crawl up the slide to get to your bedroom — the space is also equipped with a flight of beautiful stairs, desperately yearning for your attention. Sadly, you probably don't even notice them.

Other than awesome transport, this apartment features stylish décor that will make every hipster’s jaw drop. The brick wall is a beautiful contrast to the charming fireplace. The green wall is a tribute to Mother Nature (and it’s the perfect backdrop for Instagram selfies). The combination of warm textures, bright splashes of color and a random hammock hanging from the ceiling create a happy, youthful vibe.

Unfortunately this property is not for sale, but if you write a letter to the owners, they might invite you over to play.