The Amphicar Dream Lives on Thanks to Scuderia Glickenhaus

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Earlier this year, we reported about a new project from Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus (SCG).

The supercar maker is planning to make a modern version of the Baja Boot, an off-roader raced by Steve McQueen. The company has released some new updates on the project, saying that since January, it has completed the preliminary design study for the SCG Boot and has formalized agreements with OEMs for major components. In addition, SCG has explored racing factory and customer Boots in the Baja 1000 starting next year.

But that’s not all. James Glickenhaus is no stranger to wanting to set records and the Boot will be no different. The automaker has explored setting a world altitude record with the Boot, along with driving an Expedition Boot from New York across the Bering Strait amphibiously. It would down go down The Road of Bones, across the Trans Siberian Highway to St. Petersburg, and then onto Paris, France.

SCG released new renders of its Boot project, including a four-door, five-seater version designed to drive The Road of Bones. It also remains adamant the Boot will be road legal, unlike many of the trophy trucks that compete in the Baja 1000.

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