Move over Honda Civic because there’s a new Honda superstar in town — and it has wings. After 30 years of development, Honda has finally introduced the HondaJet, a $4.5 million aircraft that promises to deliver maximum power with minimum engine noise.
Honda president, Takanobu Ito, told Japanese press, "To offer personal mobility in the skies was the dream of Soichiro Honda and the dream of us Honda men."
Well, that dream has come true for Mr. Ito. On December 9, HondaJet received certification from the United States Federal Aviation Administration, which means that you’ll be able to fly one very soon. Jets are currently in production and will be delivered to early-bird customers by the end of the year.
The HondaJet can reach a speed of 483 mph and can cover over 1,300 miles. Its revolutionary cockpit is equipped with a ton of cool features including: touchscreen controls, trio of 14-inch displays and a Garmin’s G300 avionics suite. The HondaJet can seat six passengers, while still offering plenty of usable space in the cabin. 
With orders placed and jets in production, Honda already has a head start in the industry.