Tell me everything I need to know about registering a car out of state

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2 second search on your states DMV and found the answer...why not search first, then ask if you cant find it?

MN Minnesota dmv department of motor vehicles
I don't mean if I have to move from say, Wisconsin to Minnesota. That's simple. I mean registering my car in another state (one that doesn't have the two licence plate law - like Florida).
You have to have another property or have a friend with a property in that state.
I have my car registered in another county (doesn't require emissions tests) because I have a house there. Also works for insurance purposes. If you have a residence in the state you are good. However you still need to abide by the law of the state you are in though. So the front plate law will still get you when you are driving in a state that requires you have a front one attached. Just pay the ticket and be on your way they aren't horrible and shouldn't have any affect on your license.
You must have a valid drivers licence in the state. To do that you have to have an address in that state.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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