Tecnocraft Collaboration Project:R8 [PPI Auto Design, BBi Autosport,]

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Just wanted to share our documentation of the newest (and quickest) project car we'll probably ever work on given the time constraints... a PPI RAZOR R8 undergoes weight reduction surgery with a 130lb drop off the OEM factory Audi R8 seats. We received the R8 this morning and I took the liberty of yanking out the seats myself as a headstart - funny how much there is in common with the Tecno G :D.

The only caveat would be that we have the vehicle for only today and tomorrow night. On Thursday morning it gets packed up by BBi to ship out to Road America, Atlanta where it'll be raced to hell and back by PPI NA. Among other projects (some of them top secret) lined up for the R8, this one just has to happen in one day: T1 seat transplants...but we have to prototype fabricate all the custom mounting hardware!

It's also great to be working with other like-minded manufacturers about product manufacturing (from where we can call for local support if needed):

•PPi providing all of us with TWO project R8s (yes there's a red one)
•BBi Autosport handled the track-ready KW suspension work and exhaust fabrication
• installed all the PPI product to perfection.

We'll be handling what we can with the weight reduction. Will we finish in time? Luckily, we've reserved a set here specifically to this car (the rest are going into GT-Rs!). Wish us luck for tomorrow? :bitenails:

I did what I could in regards to taking photos - was completely rushed! Hope everyone enjoys :).
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I want the mug :)
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