Tecnocraft Collaboration Project:R8 [PPI Auto Design, BBi Autosport,]

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Just wanted to share our documentation of the newest (and quickest) project car we'll probably ever work on given the time constraints... a PPI RAZOR R8 undergoes weight reduction surgery with a 130lb drop off the OEM factory Audi R8 seats. We received the R8 this morning and I took the liberty of yanking out the seats myself as a headstart - funny how much there is in common with the Tecno G :D.

The only caveat would be that we have the vehicle for only today and tomorrow night. On Thursday morning it gets packed up by BBi to ship out to Road America, Atlanta where it'll be raced to hell and back by PPI NA. Among other projects (some of them top secret) lined up for the R8, this one just has to happen in one day: T1 seat transplants...but we have to prototype fabricate all the custom mounting hardware!

It's also great to be working with other like-minded manufacturers about product manufacturing (from where we can call for local support if needed):

•PPi providing all of us with TWO project R8s (yes there's a red one)
•BBi Autosport handled the track-ready KW suspension work and exhaust fabrication
• installed all the PPI product to perfection.

We'll be handling what we can with the weight reduction. Will we finish in time? Luckily, we've reserved a set here specifically to this car (the rest are going into GT-Rs!). Wish us luck for tomorrow? :bitenails:

I did what I could in regards to taking photos - was completely rushed! Hope everyone enjoys :).
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Wow... I am going have to honestly say in my opinion some of the best pictures I've seen. Something about the angles with the black & white pulls it off great.
Congrats on the Collaboration
Goodmorning everyone. Fresh pictures from the front:

- Anyone want a TECNOCRAFT mug?

And a preview of what we'd like to see outfitted just a few hours from now...

- The pair of seats in the back are the transplants...

More to follow, gotta finish that cup and get to work. There's a certain height the seats need to attain to retain the functionality of the existing custom fabricated rollbar and safety harnesses.

Wow... I am going have to honestly say in my opinion some of the best pictures I've seen. Something about the angles with the black & white pulls it off great.
Thanks, I used two VIVI 285H's cybersynced triggered off my hotshoe. Extremely pressed for time so I went with Alan's mobile setup (in-house photomaster/web/awesome). Usually don't use the mobile setup, but it was quickest and easiest rather than lugging our studio equipment around.

More soon everyone, gotta move her to sick bay.
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looks sick, makes me want to get an R8
Yes sir, it's a damn tease sitting there! BUT get your 458, design your kit, send it down to us. MTK Edition? :clap:. I'm actually quite serious.
I want the mug :)
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I want the mug :)
PM me, its yours. Actually, first 5 people get one, why not.
Update: Trying to get a contact for the driver's height since we want to anticipate his helmet rubbing onto the roof. I'm also securing the seat to the highest position available on the sideplates and tilting the seat -5 degrees forward for a more comfortable driving position. We also want to compensate for the existing roll bar/harness setup to remain effective in a safety environment, so the floor bracket may need a few preliminary spacers. A picture of what I'm talking about soon.

-See the height discrepancy in the harnesses? This might just pass our concerns, but just in case, measure twice, cut once, right? We can't do anything about where this bar is located too so the best we can do is work around it.

-Preliminary seat position. We are using our prototype Gallardo mounting hardware. As you can see, the R8 is quite a bit wider as far as floor brackets versus the G. Where the T1 seat sits now is actually perfectly straight when viewing the front of the car into the windshield.

-We'll be tilting the seat a bit forward, -5 degrees. Then again, it's only my take, I have to sit a few of our track guys in this thing for their opinion.

Moving right along..! Material just came in :)
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Great work, King! You never fail to impress me with your incredible photos and immaculate installs.

*EDIT: You already know I want one of those mugs bro!
Sun's coming up and we're approaching high-noon. Measurements have been made and we're going to the cutting board. Here's what we've got so far:

-Freshly cut templates from our Epilog

-Couldn't go without the L4P REP though!

-Another questionable L4P rep, fun while doing all this is necessary.

-This is the Audi R8 seat stock weight...and whats leaving (x2) from the R8 today.

Back to the lab...
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Damn those seats look cozy!!! NICE!

which pam are you rocking?
Damn those seats look cozy!!! NICE!

which pam are you rocking?
It's a Limited Edition Submersible grey face with a ti-stainless bracelet... he says it's "$35" ;).

it turns out its more like $35.00x400! the fabricator gets paid too much around here it seems.

The templates work out nicely, with enough width given for stock seatbelt accomodation and room for the sliders to max out front and back without running into interior components (middle column, roll bar).

The seats were mounted to the plastic template brackets and matched to a center driveline with the steering column. Most of us are happy with the design at this point and it looks like we'll be hitting the welding tables right after lunch.

-Probably another future project, there's a lot of weight left to be dropped in all areas of the vehicle, it's unfortunate that our dry carbon Gallardo storage been doesn't quite fit in the R8 front.

One thing to note is that the weight of the floor brackets are actually heavier than the seats (which are only 6lbs.), BUT, this is an advantage in the combination as having a lower center of gravity will increase overall handling and every change to weight adds up to further performance benefits.
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Oh, before I forget. Muggle-list:

2. eddiecut
3. Blake_P
5. ZOMBE (I volunteered you to receive one)
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