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Tailored Autotmotive Detailing: 2006 BMW 330xi
I got a call from a client that was going to be taking this car to Vermont. It's an 06 with a 6MT transmission. Pretty rare car and really fun to drive. He wanted the car to be well-presented and as new as possible. It is a daily driver, but it needed a cleanup. I was given some freedom with the car and this is what I ended up with.
I started with the engine. It wasn't very bad but it needed a touchup, plus it had a bunch of snow in the cowl area...A BUNCH! Here's what I did with it:

-Deionized H20 Pre Rinse
-Sprayed with Surfy City Road Trip Grime Remover
-Agitated underside of the hood and engine with various brushes.
-Deionized H20 Rinse
-Let dry during rest of detail
-Dress with CD-2

The exterior didn't look bad outside, covered in water. The owner even said I wouldn't have to do too much to the outsite. But once it was inside, my lights, the texture below my Nitrile gloves, and my intuition knew better. Let's just say that when I showed him the clay bar...he gagged.:lol

Exterior Wash
-Deionized H20 Pre Rinse
-Foam Cannon with Karcher 3.49 and DP Xtreme Foam
-Dodo Wooki Mitt and two Gritguard buckets
-Glossit WHeel Gel x2 (plus Sissvax Brush, Boar's Hair Face Brush, and Daytona WHeel Brush)
-Deionized H20 Rinse


Exterior Prep
-Clayed with SOnus clay and ONR as lube
-Re sprayed the car with DI H20
-Dried with high velocity air and Waffle Weave Towel

Exterior Correction
-Bout 95% correction
-Flex 3401 speed 6
-Lake Country CCS Orange and White
-Menzerna Power Finish
-Polished Tails as well
-IPA x2
-Exhaust tips got #0000 Steel Wool


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Exterior Protection and Presentation
-BlackFire Wet Diamond
-SwissVax Concorso
-Rejex on Wheels and Tips
-Tires with Meg's Hotshine
-Undercarriage with Griot's Undercarriage Spray

The INterior was dirty but not particulary nast. Some healthy vacuuming and a little cleaner went a long way. I finalized it with some matte conditioners to protect and beautify.

Interior Cleanse
-TOL APC 10:1 with Boars Hairt Brush and several MF's

Interior Protect and Present
-Opt Leather Protectant
-Klasse AIO on Wood and Aluminum
-Santoris SprayAway Class Cleaner
-Gummi Pfledge on Seals

Hope you enjoy the work and the finish...Thanks for looking! :xyxthumbs
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