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We recently just wrapped up installing the AWE Tuning GT28-71R Turbo kit on a customers B7 A4 Avant. (love that it is an avant) We also installed the AWE front mount and quad exhaust to really set this build off. Nothing like a 400hp grocery getter to get the blood rushing. Just thought we would share some of the install photos and kit features:

-Garrett GT28-71R built to AWE Tuning specifications
-AWE Tuning cast exhaust manifold
-German made HJS 200 cell catalytic converter assembly
-AWE Tuning High Pressure Fuel Pump
-AWE Tuning high flow fuel injectors
-Proprietary G.I.A.C. software calibration
-Custom Nomex fiber reinforced silicone boost hoses
-B7 A4 2.0T Quattro 6spd Quad Tip Exhaust
-AWE B7 A4 2.0T Front Mount Intercooler

If anyone is interested in any AWE products PM me or give us a call at (760)-741-9300. We are offering 10% ALL AWE products right now until tomorrow with free shipping as well!!! Take Advantage!

Ok Ok, onto the pics!

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