Tag Heuer vs Victorinox

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I'm wondering if there is a big difference in the quality of these two brands? Both are Swiss made and have a similar movement, is the price higher because of the endorsement?
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One also has history... I wouldn't put those two brands at the same level. IMHO, TAG > Victorinox.
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Tag >>> Victorinox
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I would say luminox/tag would be a bit closers
TAG > Victorinox in my opinion, also I think the quality of TAG Heuers is waaay better, also TAG Heuer is an older and more respected brand thank Victorinox
I would say luminox/tag would be a bit closers
I think you meant Luminox/Victorinox?
Tag should not be mentioned in a comparison to Victorinox. Different levels of horology...
TAG is kind of a 'tweener, not quite high horology and many less than wonderful permutations. That said, they are with LVMH's backing trying to up the game. Today they opened a boutique in NYC and are making in-house movements and pricey complicatons. Time will tell...
Can't really compare the two as others have already said.
Supply, demand, and perception; that is what drives price. NEVER pay full retail for a TAG or any other watch for that matter.
It's about bang for buck. I have all 3. Luminox, victorinox and Tag Formula 1. The Tag cost me 3 times more than the other two which worries me because the quality is not better. In fact the 2 noxes use better quality components especially the strap and clasp. All have the same movement more or less. When you hold the 2 noxes it feels like you're holding a decent quality watch. I cannot say the same for the Tag though. You pay 3 times more only of the brand exposure. But the components they use are cheaper on the Tag. Tag is a rip-off. Sorry but that's just my opinion.
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