Table tennis bat for beginners

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I have been lately playing a lot of table tennis but just for fun and giggles. It turned out I love it so much I would like to set up a regular practice and try to improve my skills. I read somewhere that you shouldn't buy Dunlop rackets and guess what? Yeah I have a Dunlop. But that is okay. I have been reading and decided to get a new set of rackets and distinguished three brands I am interested in:
  • DHS A4002
  • Palio Master 3.0
Eastfield Allround Did I pick right? Which of those would be the best for an amateur but the one who really wants to get better and is dedicated to practice?
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There have a lot of option out there but i'm personally prefer as professional like these Killerspin Jet200 and Palio Master 3.0. Both are great. But for beginners and amateurs, it should be highly stable and cost-effective the JOOLA Infinity Balance.
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