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2007 Lexus GS350

This car had been purchased secondhand from CarMax, where it had been extensively touched up and given a nice coating of Glaze before leaving the dealership. A few months after purchasing the car, the owner started to notice a lot of things which he didn't initially see when he bought the car, such as the excessive amount of touch up paint that had been applied, which had begun to oxidize, resulting in noticing the difference between the two paints.

The owner wanted to get the car looking new again, and I made him rest assured that we would exceed his expectations... and we did just that!

This was an exterior-only detail, therefore the interior or engine bay was not touched, however we will be doing the interior of this car in a couple months.

The exterior received a Swissvax Initial Exterior Treatment, along with a Single Stage polish using Cleaner Fluid Pro with a Swioss. And we finished the job with Swissvax Wax (Can't tell you which one! Sorry!)

Total time taken: 20 Hours of labor!

Here's how this Lexus GS350 looked upon our arrival on location.

the paint was completely failing here... I applied touch-up paint to the area to make it less noticeable.


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When We wash, We get in there, and everywhere else that everyone else doesn't!

Here's how the paint was looking after the clay treatment, and before polishing.


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10 hours later! (with two people working =20 hours of total labor!)

A happy customer taking a picture of his freshly swissvax'ed car!

Although we weren't able to achieve 100% correction with the single stage polish, we were able to get the paint about 80% perfect!

That's all for that one! Thanks for looking!


-P21s TAW

-1Z Blitz

-1Z W99

-1Z Windscreen

-Sonax Full Effect

-#0000 Steel Wool


-Car Bath


-Seal Feed

-Paint Rubber (yellow)

-Quick Finish

-Cleaner Fluid Professional via FESTOOL with a white Swissvax FINE pad

-Swissvax Wax

-Nano Express

-Cleaner Fluid Regular

-Autobahn PTFE Wax (Wheels)

-Pneu Glossy


-Black Puck Applicator

-Black wax applicator

-Micro-Absorb (Red)

-Micro-Polish (Blue)


-Pneu Brush

-Detail Brush

-Wheel Brush

-Metal Polish


-Swissvax Crystal

That's all for that one! Thanks For Looking!

Dom @ SSD
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