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This 2012 Mercedez GL550 was booked for an Initial New Car Preparation on both the Exterior and Interior. However upon picking up the car it was without a doubt going to need a lot more attention than I had expected.

Here's how I received this 2012 GL550 with only a bit over 2,000 Miles on the clock...

The Exterior:

But wait, There's More!

The Interior:


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Here's how the seats looked after the leather was cleaned and conditioned using Swissvax Leather Cleaner Forte and Swissvax Leather Milk. The rest of the interior was not 100% complete in the next two pics...

And the Finished result! The exterior received an Initial Swissvax treatment finished with Swissvax Shield PTFE wax. A total of about 30-35 hours went into this one! and this was supposed to be a new car prep!


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That's all for that one! Thanks for looking!!

Dom @ SSD

Here's a list of the products used during this detail:

-P21s TAW
-1Z Blitz
-1Z W99
-1Z Windscreen
-Sonax Full Effect
-#0000 Steel Wool

-Car Bath
-Seal Feed
-Engine Shine
-Paint Rubber (Yellow)
-Quick Finish
-Cleaner Fluid Medium via PC w/SV Black Gloss pad @6
-Swissvax Shield PTFE wax
-Nano Express
-Cleaner Fluid Regular
-Autobahn PTFE Wax (Wheels)
-Pneu Glossy
-Black Puck Applicator
-Black wax applicator
-Micro-Absorb (Red)
-Micro-Polish (Blue)
-Pneu Brush
-Detail Brush
-Wheel Brush
-Metal Polish


-Swissvax Leather Cleaner Forte
-Swissvax Leather Milk
-Swissvax Plastic Wash
-Swissvax Protecton Matt
-Swissvax Quick Interior Finish
-Swissvax Cleaner Fluid Regular
-Swissvax Wood Polish
-Swissvax Crystal
-Swissvax Nano Express

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Wow, did they let a construction crew use the car for the weekend! How does one rag out an interior like that! Great work!!
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