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This car belongs to a friend of mine. He moved to New York, and his mom has been driving the car for a while now, and didn't keep it in top shape. My friend was coming back home for the 4th of July, so he wanted his car to look like new again!

Initially the car was only booked for an Initial Swissvax Treatment, however upon receiving the car, I decided that at least a single stage paintowrk correction using Swissvax Cleaner Fluid Professional with a White Swissvax "Fine" pad at Speed 5 on the Festool Shinex rotary. After polishing, the car was topped with Swissvax Shield PTFE-enhanced wax for optimum durability in daily driving conditions.

Here's how the car arrived:


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The car was then extensively cleansed, and thereafter Iron Cut was applied to the entire paintwork.

After letting Iron Cut soak in for about 5 minutes, The car was rinsed again and then brought inside the garage to begin claying. even after Iron Cut, there was still a lot of conatmination left on the paint, however Iron Cut made claying a breeze, as all the contamination came off with only a couple of gentle passes with the clay bar.

After Claying, the exterior plastics and rubbers were treated with Swissvax Protecton and Seal Feed respectively to renew them, and prevent polish residue from becoming lodged in the porous plastic and rubber, rendering taping off trim unnecessary.

Once the car was prepped, I began Polishing, Using Swissvax Cleaner Fluid Professional with a White Swissvax "Fine" pad mated up to the Festool Shinex Rotary polisher at Speed 5. This left the surface with roughly 80% correction.

After polishing the Paintwork was topped with Swissvax Shield PTFE-Enhanced wax to provide the best durability under Daily DRiving conditions.

Following completion of the paintwork, all the plastics and rubbers were re-treated, the Jambs were treated with Swissvax Nano Express, the wheels were also treated with Swissvax Cleaner Fluid Regular and Swissvax Autobahn at this time.

The Interior received a full cleansing using 1Z Blitz, Swissvax Leather Cleaner Forte, 1Z Cockpit, and 1Z Glass Cleaner. No protection was applied.

The Engine bay was also Cleaned up using 1Z Blitz, and followed with 303 Protectant, Swissvax Seal Feed, Swisvax Protecton, and Swissvax Nano Express.

And the Finished Result!


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Total Time taken: ~20 Hours

Here's a list of the products used during this detail

-P21s TAW
-1Z Blitz
-1Z W99
-1Z Windscreen
-Sonax Full Effect
-#0000 Steel Wool

-Car Bath
-Seal Feed
-Engine Shine
-Paint Rubber (Yellow)
-Quick Finish
-Cleaner Fluid Professional via FESTOOL ShineX w/ SV White "FINE" Pad
-Swissvax Shield PTFE-Enhanced Wax
-Nano Express
-Cleaner Fluid Regular
-Autobahn PTFE Wax (Wheels)
-Pneu Glossy
-Black Puck Applicator
-Black wax applicator
-Micro-Absorb (Red)
-Micro-Polish (Blue)
-Pneu Brush
-Detail Brush
-Wheel Brush
-Metal Polish
-1Z Glass Cleaner


-Leather Cleaner Forte
-1Z Blitz
-1Z Cockpit
-1Z Glass Cleaner

That's all for that one!

Thanks for stopping by!

Dom @SSD
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