SWISSVAX Detailed Lexus GS 430

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This car belongs to one of our regular clients, he came to us after having it detailed elsewhere and not being happy with the results. The car was full of swirls & micro scratches. The wax used was Reflexus made by SWISSVAX for Lexus paints, as you can see the results are incredible

SWISSVAX Reflexus is available from our site here, dont forget we have FREE SHIPPING till jan 19th

Swissvax USA: Reflexus - special wax for Lexus automobiles, 200 ml

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Wow! What's different In the Lexus paint to require different wax?
Great reflections!

Am I mistaking you for someone else, but you look like a certain detailer from Monaco.
Wow! What's different In the Lexus paint to require different wax?
All Swissvax Universal waxes do a perfect job on a Lexus - though obviously, these waxes are catered towards a wide array of paints and paint systems.

However REFLEXUS™ does not have to do ANY compromises and has been formulated SOLELY towards catering the Lexus paint system.
As such, REFLEXUS™ does not have to take into account the needs of other paint systems such as nitrocellulose, Porsche or Mercedes paint systems, nanopaints (ceramic coat) etc. but has been 100% OPTIMIZED for Lexus' japanese paint system which is characterized by very fine metallic particles and the use of multiple, thinner layers.

In addition, older Lexus paints (end 80's-beginning 90's) have a tendency to show a white haze after being washed - this is noticeable especially on the dark colors.

The application of REFLEXUS™ will COMPLETELY remove that haze.
And the beauty of it all: REFLEXUS™ does not cost more than for instance our universal MIRAGE™ wax - so if you own a Lexus it just makes sense to go for REFLEXUS™
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