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Supersprint was one of the first companies to get their hands on the new V8 Bi-turbo cars from BMWs and developed extensive knowledge on its exhaust configuration and optimal performance design. As with all Supersprint exhaust systems, the development was focused on bringing out the most performance from these while enhancing the sound characteristics drastically.

Why 80mm?

We have researched and developed the 80mm kit for those seeking the ultimate in terms of performance from their X5M X6M. It is the ideal match with stage 2 tune and for those looking to hit 700hp and beyond. We have tested the 80mm version on the F10 M5 with great results and have transferred our R&D to the X5M and X6M platform.

We have found our 70mm and the competition's various 70mm and 76mm kits to be restriction points for those looking to get the optimal performance. The kit was developed as a full kit with the option of installing it with the Supersprint, OEM or any other aftermarket rear section of your choice.

For pricing information, send us a PM or contact your local Supersprint dealer.

Supersprint X5M/X6M 80mm Catless Downpipes

The catless downpipes were developed to be installed as a kit with one of our front pipes and center section. They eliminate the OEM restrictive 400 cell ceramic catalytic converters.They are the most performance enhancing modification to current V8 Bi-turbo engines from BMW.

Supersprint X5M/X6M Front Pipes & X-Pipe

We then set out to improve the sound of the X5M/X6M by developing various combinations of front pipes. The front pipes can be fitted with cats, or resonators or as straight pipes.

For those that wish to obtain maximal performance while remaining emissions friendly, the ideal combination is pairing our catless downpipes with catted front pipes. For those that wish to eliminate drone completely, the resonated front pipes are the ideal choice whereas the straight catless pipes are designed for the most aggressive sound.

Catted Front Pipes

Resonated Front Pipes

Catless Front Pipes

Center X-Pipe

Supersprint X5M/X6M Rear Mufflers

The rear section is the first step of the R&D and the whole exhaust system optimization process. The sporty sound is achieved from the accurate selection of the piping sections, of the unique inner silencer design, and dedicated to the specific vehicle model.

The installation procedure is easy and quick, because it exploits the same hangers of the stock exhaust. No modifications, neither to the chassis, nor to the mechanical parts, are needed.

Supersprint developed two mufflers configuration for the X5M/X6M; a TUV approved Sport version and a Racing variant.

Sport Rear Muffler

Racing Rear Muffler

Tips are available in various finishes: chromed, black chromed, satin black, satin silver, raw polished.

2x2x90mm Tips

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