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The R8 marked Audi’s Quattro GmbH entry into the mid-engined, 2 seater supercar range. It didn’t do so without Audi’s GmbH meticulous attention to details: the development program was based off the Lamborghini Gallardo platform, the famous Italian Bull manufacturer purchased by Audi in 1999.

Supersprint has extensive knowledge of both Audi and Lamborghini exhaust systems; going back to Quattro GmbH’s first S4 and S2 in 1990 and Lamborghini’s Murcielago and Gallardo.

For full sized images, visit:

Stock Exhaust

The stock exhaust is a single massive and heavy canister design with secondary catalytic converters built within the canister that restrict performances. It also features a valve management system connected to the OEM ECU. In order to get access to the stock exhaust, the whole rear bumper, trim pieces and taillights had to be removed.

Supersprint Rear Exhausts

Upon examining the stock exhaust configuration, we decided to develop 3 variants of our rear exhaust system to meet various requirements of R8 owners all over the world.

Our objectives were to increase sound quality and overall tone as well as increase performances through lightweight stainless steel constructions, removal of the secondary catalytic converters and flow optimized cross piping muffler geometry while retaining fitment with the signature Audi OEM tips.

Prototype welding quality not reflective of the final production pieces! Please note the R8 GT and R8 Plus have re-designed tips outlet, our updated design is set for release by 2014.

We finalized 3 final variants of our rear exhaust:

  1. Sport: Single canister design with secondary catalytic converters removed
  2. Race: Dual canister design with exposed cross piping with secondary catalytic converters removed
  3. Valved: Single canister design with specifically engineered internals to be compatible with OEM ECU valve management system


We have tested both the 4.2 V8 and the 5.2 V10 on our in-house MAHA AWD dyno. All 3 variants produce similar performance increases due to the removal of the secondary catalytic converters.

Stock 5.2 V10:
Horsepower 527 Hp @ 7720 rpm
Torque 524,8 Nm @ 6500 rpm

Supersprint 5.2 V10:
Horsepower 548,6 Hp @ 8110 rpm
Torque 539,4 Nm @ 6405 rpm
+21.6hp +24.6Nm

Stock 4.2 V8:
Horsepower 394,3 Hp @ 7830 rpm
Torque 400,9 Nm @ 6160 rpm

Supersprint 4.2 V8:
Horsepower 409,9 Hp @ 7715 rpm
Torque 412,7 Nm @ 4755 rpm
+15.6hp +11.8NM

5.2 with race exhaust (opened valves)

Audi R8 5.2 V10 - Supersprint Race Exhaust - Acceleration and flybies - YouTube

Audi R8 5.2 V10 - Supersprint Race Exhaust - Revving - YouTube

Audi R8 5.2 V10 - Supersprint Race Exhaust - On board - YouTube


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