Supercars @ Wilton House (Zonda,Spyker,Morgan, Lambo, Ferrari...)

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well i needed a catchy title to get you guys to actually look in here, just "Supercars" on its own doesnt quite cut it lol.. so here are the highlights.

As i took 160 photos im not going to put them all up here so you will have to follow the link.... but heres a taster

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Im really glad it all worked out for Mr Jay. A lot of hard work and effort went in. All for a good cause as well.
That 570 is probably my new favorite!!

And is it just me or are all of these exotics in blue showing up and they all look HOTT!!!!
Aimee, I'm sure we'll get something going. Maybe a Jaykaybi Event in Cali next year?

Thanks for all the kind words guys,



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^^ only 4posts to date.. tsk tsk ^^

That Zonda SP is epic !
well now my photobucket account is sorted... Check em out people !

Great photos and looks like an amazing event. CGT looks fantastic in the blue and matte black is definitely not flattering on the DB9.
us brits know how to roll :p
us brits know how to roll :p
We do it so much better and with must more class :lol:
Wow all those cool cars America will never see.
Wow overload! Is that stock color on the CGT? The Morgan also looking timeless and elegant amidst a sea of sharp angled attention whores.
21 - 36 of 36 Posts
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