Supercars @ Wilton House (Zonda,Spyker,Morgan, Lambo, Ferrari...)

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well i needed a catchy title to get you guys to actually look in here, just "Supercars" on its own doesnt quite cut it lol.. so here are the highlights.

As i took 160 photos im not going to put them all up here so you will have to follow the link.... but heres a taster

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sadly not.. when they did the Supercar Soundoff it was wicked. Morgan V8s really sound fantastic
Loudest car of the day hit 135.5db.. think it was a F360 CS (not 100% sure on that though)
Steve, did you see any of the track action before the house? I was supposed to go but ended up in Paris instead. Everyone who went (track and house) said it was a real laugh!
Didnt make it to Thruxton no.. was far too hungover. Didnt get to bed until 6am Sat morning. Got down there for 11am lol
Fair enough, just out of interest how did you hear about the event? Do you know Jay the organizer? Just trying to work out if we may have met before lol!
Hes on my facebook but i dont actually know him
yeah i heard knew Jay was on here, he doesnt really post up all that much though.
met him very briefly at the show.. seemed very nice

big well done to him for arranging it
^^ only 4posts to date.. tsk tsk ^^

That Zonda SP is epic !
well now my photobucket account is sorted... Check em out people !

us brits know how to roll :p
We do it so much better and with must more class :lol:
1 - 11 of 36 Posts
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