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Hi L4Peeeeple!
DARTZ peeeeple made a decision to organize One More Car Club - may be it will be ONLY virtual, but may be we will have possibilities to make it REAL.
Idea is plain and easy:
1. Car Brand must be more than 100 years old.
2. Manufacturer must still make cars which cost not less than K$100.

Yes, I want to be First Member as RussoBalt or RBVZ start make cars at 1908, first car left factory at 1909.
And now under this brand there are TWO cars:
Sport Car RussoBaltique - as RussoBalt was famous of it SportCars, Monaco 1912 Rally Hero.

and PROMBRON' (ex.RussoBaltique) - armored car as RussoBalt was renamed at 1922 to PROMBRON' (former RussoBalt) - lazy to post here picture You saw a lot, but here is link
Next cars can be
CITROEN (? - seems now made something super)
Who are next?

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Audi? with the exception of the R8, the rest are under $100k
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