Stop Everything! Here's a Champagne Machine Gun

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You read that right: a Champagne Machine Gun exists, and (of course) a Miami-based company made it! Imagine the delight of a pump-action water gun combined delicious, godly nectar of a an expensive bottle of champagne. It’s almost too good a combination to resist!

Created by Jeremy Touitou, the reason behind creating this invention was in order to sell some of the hardest bottles to leave nightclub shelves: a bottle of Magnum champagne.

Touitou started working in the industry as a side job under the name “King of Sparklers”. Since creating and selling these fantastic-looking champagne machine guns, his clients have told him that they see an approximate 30 % increase of sales. And when you see how this machine gun works, I’m really not surprised.
Touitou hopes that local clubs will want to use these guns in their VIP sections or even as cool behind-the-bar decorations for club-goers to go gaga over. The gun is also really easy to use. Simply attach a Magnum bottle of champagne (no other bottle will fit in this gun), give it a couple of shakes, pull the trigger and a burst of alcoholic libations will shoot 16-23 feet into mid-air, showering all your friends with 45-seconds worth of champagne.
If you’d rather pour the champagne rather than shoot it, there is an attachment available for you to do so, although it is significantly less awesome than spraying it all over the club. But hey, at least you’ll actually get to drink some of it this way!
Thankfully, you don’t have to go all the way over to a Miami club to get one. It is available in three colors: rose gold, gold and chrome. Simply order yours at for a small price of $419 and get ready to feel like a partying celebrity. Kanye would be proud.
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