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Hey all,
I searched around and didn't see any discussions on stock photography here on l4p. I've been doing some research today looking at websites Stock Photography: Search Royalty Free Images & Photos | and Stock Photos | Shutterstock: Royalty-Free Subscription Stock Photography & Vector Art

I've got a question to put out there - does anyone have experience working with these websites as a photographer/contributor. I'd like to hear your thoughts and experiences with selling microstock photos.
Are there any better options out there?

Basically, I'm looking to get a little extra income on the side and start having my photos work for me and build income selling them as stock. I'd be using some of my editorial photos that haven't been used in publications. I also have some other photography that would be very marketable as stock.

I'd appreciate any helpful input on this, as well as good up-to-date literature to refer to on getting into stock photography.

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