'We're gonna need a bigger boat!'

It’s been 40 years since Roy Scheider exclaimed that famous line in the original Jaws. Now, director Steven Spielberg has finally taken those words to heart.

The movie mogul creator has announced he is selling his $185 million, 282ft megayacht, The Seven Seas... because it’s too small. He’s having a new one built in the neighborhood of $250 million.

An extra $65 million is a handsome sum for an extra 18ft of length. His new boat should feature the same amenities as his The Seven Seas; an infinity pool with 15ft glass wall doubling as a movie screen, seven suites for up to 12 guests, a helicopter landing pad, gym, spa and massage room.

Spielberg is currently renting it out for over $1 million a week – making it one of the world’s most expensive charters.