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I'm looking into what you options you have for advertising for a small aftermarket electronics company.

We are La Jolla Audio. Located in San Diego, CA.
- (website being rebuilt right now you can see the developement site @
We specialize in Europen import cars; Primarily Porsche, MBZ, BMW, Ferrari and Lambo. But we also get some other fine cars in like Fisker and Bugatti. What is your policy on posting pictures on your site in some of the forums as new threads or in response to threads. The pictures, my forum signature and many of my posts will/would have some, if not all of the company information when properly responding if someone is asking a question, or if I or my coworkers are starting a new thread.
It would be nice to show up with an actual picture add and link on the side of your site as well; but, that is not priority.

Joel Allen
(858) 997 - 4166 (c)
(858) 581 - 6545 (w)
[email protected]


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