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Here is more about the accident:

One prototype that was testing those engines in Porsche's home town of Stuttgart yesterday night got involved in a minor accident that will still put it out of commission for a couple of weeks.

DrGumo, who filmed the aftermath and sent us the following video, says the prototype is for a regular Carrera and, as a result of the crash, one of the radiators at the front was busted, so the car could't be moved. The impact busted the right headlight and tore some of the bodywork apart, but it's not too severe. Of course, anybody who actually owned a Porsche will tell you that this is not going to be a cheap fix.

But what's going on with the exhaust?

It's fine to assume that this is a 911 Carrera, but wasn't the exhaust system on that car totally different? The prototype appears to have a much cheaper setup with regular twin pipes in the middle of the bumper rather than the larger oval ones that usually let the 350 hp 3.4-liter boxer breath.

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