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Hello all,

I have previously posted about my experience building my SLS for the One Lap of America (attached are a couple more photos from that event). I have started a new thread to report that we have been invited to compete in the Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational. Not sure what this all entails, but from what I understand it is based on an autocross, a couple hot laps on the road course, a 0-100?-0, and a couple of other more subjective categories. The event is held on the Saturday after SEMA at the Spring Mountain Raceway just outside of Vegas. The car will also be displayed at SEMA along with the other competitors (50-60 cars in total) in the event.

I am not sure what kind of competition there is, but from what I have heard, it should be quite competitive. I know there is a very well prepared GT-R competing and while I have not been able to confirm it, I have also heard that there is going to be a supercharged black edition SLS. As in years past, I am sure there will also be a good mix of old school resto mods.

Since we have not had a chance to get the car on track since our off at VIR during the One Lap, we are headed to Road America Monday morning for a short session to see if we can get it set up. Ill see if I can post some video or photo's from our session.

Will definitely update you guys when we get back from Vegas with details about the whole experience. has asked us to do a photo shoot of the car while we are at SEMA too, so expect a feature from them about the car in the near future. If you have not ever checked out their site, do so. I love it.


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