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Specialty Car Craft will be in Kentia Hall this year with over 12 of our cars in a huge booth in Kentia Hall!

We hope to see a ton of L4P members there from November 17 through the 28th!
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Congrats ! I'm sure the display will be hot..hope to make it out
Wish I could be there!
I'll drop by sometime this week
I'll be there Sunday. I'll make sure to drop by.

imma be there on sat, hopefully its gonna be great
Going Saturday, SCC booth is going to e awesome!
I'll be there tomorrow :D. Is the basement going to be open then?
Larry, Please, Please Please post pictures. Would love to see it. I am trying to come down to see all of our 4 Sponsors there but in case it doesn't happened I need the second best thing. Pictures.
Going to try and make it out there tomorrow as well.
Me too! It is funny how November is such a busy car month in So Cali!:lol:
It'll be great to see all of you!

We even brought the Jaguar XJ220S in matte grey - THAT's gotta be seen to be believed! :D
Nice to see a few familiar faces there last night. Lots of hot rides, even a Pink Lotus! Thanks for all the cool schwag too! :D
Thanks for coming to our booth at the L.A. Auto Show! :D
Dirk were you that younger fellow taking the pictures??.
Great pics!
Dirk were you that younger fellow taking the pictures??.
Great pics!
Yes, that's me!
Dirk rocks!

Great photographs! :D
Yes, that's me!
Cool man!. I've seen you around on E46fanatics as well.
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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