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I know sonbol has fallen out of favor a bit around here but thought id post here anyway. Had good luck selling a few pieces here on the 4 so what the hell

I have for sale a Sonbol Doobie Lord

Condition is very good to excellent. The polished case will be gone over with some rouge and a cape cod cloth before I send out. In general surface scratches are minimal. One small nick on one lug. Crystal is pretty clean save on small scratch. Mineral crystal on a big watch like this you'd expect much worse
Strap is worn but still functional. No rips or tears, just shows signs of being used a lot.

No box or papers, sorry. I contacted Johnny at sonbol and he quoted me 25 bucks for replacements. I decided I didn't care enough and passed

I actually really love his piece and I'm bummed to sell. I'm a teacher and it's summer, so, funds are getting short and i need the money.

250 conus shipped obo

Here are a few photos the watch is in overall nice condition after looking closely.
Remember that this is the limited edition from sonbol and is their most expensive piece. you could get it originally at 900 bucks or so, but half that now since they are liquidating all stock

Thanks gents
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