Sometimes I wonder....

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....if new digital technology is really that much better than the older, analog stuff. So, I have had a honeywell thermostat for a yr now so I could program it and save on electricity (me being green). However, yesterday, the unit messed up and got set to 60F. When I noticed this, the room with my humidor was 63F. I open my humidor and sure enough, the thermometer read 63F with 63% rh. Are my cigars still alright? or did the "cold front" kill them?

They have since been restored to 68-70F
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Extreme heat would "kill" cigars (causing beetles to develop and have open bar rave party). A drop in temperature won't (would usually only cause a drop in RH). You are safe. (assuming it wasn't like that for weeks or months.)

To come back on old school vs new school technology. Anything technology messed up once in a while. It's normal. I would advice to check periodically (even if you have the best of the best).

I tend to avoid the "made in china" stuff, especially when it comes down to measurements or monitoring devices. A good example in regards to cigars is the hygrometer. Once I receive my cabinet, I would go for a NIST certified hygrometer rather than the cheap ones found everywhere (prone to improper reading and requiring calibration). You can also find excellent analog hygrometers (made in germany).

Here are links to them:

digital: Digital Hygrometers - Weather Instruments, Weather Radios & Cupolas

analog: Analog Hygrometers - Weather Instruments, Weather Radios & Cupolas
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One thing to note is that cigars are very resilliant and will take temperature swings pretty well. Temperature drops are much easier to handle the rises, as if your cigars get too warm for too long you have the potential for cigar beetles to hatch. Even then, it takes a bit of time at the higher temp (over 75°) for beetles to hatch.

Just make sure to let your cigars settle down for some time at normal temperature. Also, rapid changes in temperature are worse than slower ones. A room rising or lowering in temperature due to an air conditiononer or furnace are more reasonable than taking a cigar from indoors to outdoors (or vice versa) with a 30° swing in temperature or a 20% change in RH.
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