A million dollars and yet mouth-wateringly rare. 

Who needs the exotic and exclusive Ford GT when you can jump straight to unobtanium with this one-of-four Matech built Ford GT1.

See, Ford never officially sanctioned a GT race program the last time they brought the car back during the mid-millennium--but that didn’t stop a little Swiss shop called Matech Concepts from doing it anyways.

Matech was formed in 2007 with the express purpose of going fast in Ford's new mid-engine monster.

So what does your $915,000 buy exactly ?

The GT1's carbon fiber body shares next to nothing with the production car save for taillights and the chassis it rides on; and the 650hp Roush Yates Racing 5.3L V8 is capable of propelling the 2,445 lb projectile past the 200 mph mark.

It's got an Inconel exhaust which is worth more than diamonds in the racing world, carbon-ceramic disc brakes and it's sprinkled with gold insulation for a bit of functional bling.

And if that's not enough, maybe its provenance will get you. This particular GT1 was once the property of Count Marc Van Der Straten, team principal and founder of the eponymous MarcVDS Racing Team.

I'm willing to bet with a bit of massaging you could probably put a plate on it, there are lights, indicators and mirrors after all...