Here’s a cool way to bring a Lambo indoors: take the roaring Lamborghini V10 engine from the car, add a glass top, and prop it in your living room.

What you’re left with is a seriously wicked coffee table that proves you’re a real car-head. The aluminum-alloy engine with 4 valves per cylinder, a 90-degree vee angle, a dry slump and 84.5 x 92.8 mm bore/stroke used to power the Gallardo, Huracan, and R8 models. Now, it serves an entirely different purpose: bearing the weight of your coffee, and maybe your feet.
For this bespoke table to come together to become the centerpiece of your living room, the engine underwent shot-blast treatments. The re-purposed engine holds a 650 mm x 750 mm glass top that shows off its British Standard Certification. Bringing the appearance together are the white LEDs that illuminate the engine, giving it a mercurial look.

It’s available for purchase at Bonhams for £2,000 ($2,840) to £3,000 ($4,258).