In 1980, Porsche needed a racer for the annual prestigious race at Le Mans. To meet Group 4 racing regulations, they needed to homologate one of their models. The result of the homologation was the 924 Carrera GT, a developed 924 Turbo that was distinct from the original 924, thanks to a wider front and rear wing.

Porsche went on to produce 406 models of the 924 GT, including six prototype versions. Even more limited and exclusive then that was the GTS, where only 59 were made in Stuttgart. This was a more powerful version of the GT – but Porsche didn’t stop there.
Enter the GTR, the pinnacle of Porsche’s 924 series . Just 17 models were crafted, of which nine either raced in or qualified at Le Mans.

The GTR took advantage of all the innovations and development from Porsche at the time. All the racers featured fully integrated roll cages, fully adjustable suspension, and four-piston 935 brake calipers.

Under the hood, the engine was a highly modified version of the 2.0l motor used in all 924s, which produces 375bhp and 299 lb/ft of torque. That equates to some impressive figures for a racer in ’81: 180mph (290kmh) top end, and 0-60mph was 4.7 seconds.

This 924 GTR example going to auction via Coys is one of only two brand new cars delivered to Japan. The car made its way there in 1981, was bought by a Japanese businessman two years later, and was never used on the road (just the track). In all, this GTR has only clocked 109 kilometers in all.
From 1981 to 2006 the car was serviced by Porsche Specialist Tomei Car service. It’ll be a true challenge to find the iconic Porsche 924 Carrera GTR in better shape than this one.