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So here is the deal:

I am looking for a few new showcases for my website located here

the plan is to have a full photo shoot and possibly some video done to show what kind of work I do, and what lengths I go for my clients.

Looking for the following cars in less than desirable condition, but not terrible unrepairable condition:
aston martin

preferably some cars that need some work from a detailing standpoint...leather cleaning, paint correction, etc. you know, the higher level of detailing you dont really find from other places/people.

if you have a car, or know of someone looking for a true detail, please get in contact with me and lets figure out a time that works for both of us.

Here is a list of what the detail will include:
wash, clay, wash
full paint correction to a near perfect level
wheels off and suspension detailed, wheels cleaned inside and out
trim cleaned and conditioned
interior detailed and cleaned
all interior part conditioned properly
leatherique process done on seats

There will be full photo documentation of the whole process on your car and a professional photo shoot will be done on location, or on location of your choice in the proximity of Huntington Beach.

Car will/must me dropped off at my house for this work, and will be done over the course of 5 days from start to finish, so you will be without the car for that time but when you get it back, it will look a whole lot different, in a good way!

Rate will be done at a half off rate for the first 5 cars (one in each category) of $30/hr with an average of 20 hours. I dont think I have to tell you the deal you are getting for helping me out as most of the detailers on here will also tell you I am crazy for offering this.

if interested, please contact me at:
Eric Schuster
Envious Auto Detailing | Orange County, CA - Home
[email protected]
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