sneak peak "white on white rick ross"

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lets see it!
sorry crappy cell phone pic

the next morning prepare urself...


i wake up to this
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damn that sucks man (the ding part). the car looks sick white on white. i wish more cars were like this.
wtf, some dickhead did that? well other than that looks amazing
man, sorry to see that.....but car looks sick! Nicely done!
sick car, love how low it is
also im tryin to post a awesome mb meet but the thread either doesnt go thru or it gets deleted... anyways i guess it will be cool if i posted on my thread...

march 26th hooters in lake forest, ca over 80 cars have rsvp'd
heres the link
Daaamm!! What happened?
lost control of car slammed into one of those high curbs and flipped up on to sidewalk
so lucky to walk away from it with bruises and scratches, and also lucky as hell i didnt end up crashing into someone, the car landed 3 feet away from someones backard..... thank god i didnt go thru that house...
poor little thing :(
damn man...sorry to see least your ok....
Damn, you just can't catch a break can ya? Glad your ok. I'm pretty sure its totaled right? Whats next?
Damn good thing you're OK.

What will it be replaced with?
1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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