SLS in Beverly Hills?

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Anyone been by the SLS hotel in Beverly Hills recently in the last 2 weeks? I'll be over there this week working with the valets and I'd like to know what's been good/bad with the guys there in the valet department. Any input would be appreciated.
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all the California L4P-ers use that hotel. nights can be crazy busy for valet, especially on weekends. we were all just there this weekend.
It was crazy busy when gR stopped the night there in June.

So craaaazzzy :D
Well the company I work for just took over their valet and so far, we've had a couple of new guys make some boo-boos with guests cars. I'm driving up to help take the time to show the new guys how to eliminate making boo-boos! I'm one of those guys who still firmly believes in Rule #1: DON'T HIT ANYTHING and so I'm going to spread the word! Apparently the managers we have up there right now, just aren't cutting it :(
On sat night one of the valets stalled a Murci twice.
Ya, that's the sh!t I'm talkin about. They just expect these guys to know what to do & then get upset when they do things like that or worse.

My condolences go out to the Murci owner for sure!
I was just there in Oct. I stayed there for one night and valet my Lambo out front. They gave me a spot where they won't have to move the car. They were respectful of it as well.
I used the Hotel for goldRush Rally. Met with the guy in charge of valet and parking. They gave us the first floor. No issues what so ever. The only thing I noticed is when they get busy and you want to get your car there is only one guy you can give your ticket to but many that actually that get the car. I have also stayed there 20 to 30 times and never a problem
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