In what might just be the coolest Airbnb listing ever, guests can win one special night to sleep with sharks in the Aquarium de Paris .

Winners will slumber peacefully inside a fish tank bedroom (no bathroom) immersed in three million litres of water and featuring floor to ceiling glass window panes with 360° views. Outfitted with fishy décor and sea-inspired reading materials, the room offers all the luxuries of a first class hotel combined with the unique experience of having 35 sharks as your neighbours/entertainment.
Those interested in more than just shark night are sure to love the romantic tank side dinner that's included in the package along with the full aquarium tour, hosted by both an underwater photographer and free-diver as well as a staff marine biologist.
Contest winners will get to spend their evening between the dates of April 11-13 and all entries are due April 3, 2016.