*** Sir Mix-A-Lots Video Carz is out!***

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Today Sir Mix-A-Lots Video Carz was released on Youtube and like I said before it is Pure Car Porn.. Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Phantoms and more. The beat is sick and the video is hot! Enjoy!!!!

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Love the music video!
mix-a-lot seems like a real car guy
Great Vid!!! Love how he references all the diff. models....

IMO though I like his original sports car song "Testarossa" ...faster beat and has played many times in my car while at the track =)
Very cool. NWAS doing it up.
Love the lyrics :lol:
LOL I just posted the same thing, damn.
Really impressed, badass cars and the song was very entertaining.
sick!!! Gotta love the lyrics! Countless cars mentioned. Epic
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