Do you hate crowded resorts? Does your head throb at the thought of large, social events? If so, this stunning Swiss chalet may be the answer to all your woes.

Tucked deeply into the Vaud Alps, the Villars-sur-Ollon resorts can be your new favorite escape for a small fortune: $19,776,268 to be exact! If that seems like a lot to ask, consider the peace of mind and the complete and utter serenity you’ll feel once you’re cozying up to the fireplace surrounded by nothing but your own thoughts.

The chalet’s interior is large and welcoming with a view worth taking a few minutes to appreciate. It also boasts large terraces, an indoor pool, outdoor Jacuzzi and two garages to store your vehicles until the snow has reached the perfect hoon-worthy consistency.

The kitchen contains stainless steel appliances and has enough space for a kitchen team to prepare enough food for a large party (but if you’re anti-social, making daily meals here will also work).

With access to over 220 kilometres-worth of pistes during winter, the local area offers a serious amount space for skiing. In the warmer months, you will also have access to a charming golf course and hiking trails.

With so many amenities year-round, this can and will definitely become your home-away-from-home.

[ Source: Sotheby’s ]