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Ceramic coating is not a one size fits all solution to protect your paint. For some vehicles, it’s life changing. After a few washes, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. For others, you might feel let down, thinking it was going to make a bigger difference. So which vehicles will benefit from a ceramic coating and which ones won’t?

The vehicle that should be ceramic coated:
  • Has paint that’s kept in near-perfect condition
  • Driven regularly in all conditions but isn’t neglected
  • Washed often, with proper wash techniques and products
  • Can benefit from the ability to wash quickly and easily
The vehicle that would be better off with a sealant:
  • A daily driver that gets abused
  • Gets very dirty, and isn’t washed right away
  • Likely to be scratched or dented
  • Owned by someone who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money
The vehicle that only needs wax:
  • A show car that requires very little protection
  • Appearance is more important than longevity
  • May have been previously sealed and just needs a slight boost
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