Short notice BBQ at my house today

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Hey guys I', having a BBQ today if any of the local guys would like to stop by and chill for a while hit me up on my cell or whatever. People are here already, you can see fireworks from my house tonight and pool is warm. :D
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what town do you live in?
I'm about an hour from Short Hills, if you would like to come by pm me and I'll give you my addy or directions
Wish I have seen this earlier. I was wondering around all day. I have to pick up the Wife from JFK @ 10:25.. so don't know if it makes sense to come up now.
Corey is chillin right now and a bunch of family. Still open to anyone to show up
man i didnt know, and pics of the good time?
Just saw this as well...would have come by. Gotta text us next time bro
Haha sorry guys It was a chill time yesterday I wish u guys could have made it. Next time I will text but for now I'll give you guys a heads up that I plan on having an Oktoberfest party in October. I'll let everyone know the date. It's going to be an L4P party.
Octoberfest party!!!!.....say word, that's what I'm talking bout son!
I have one every year Bro! My favorite party of the year at my house, it's always stoopid fun
NICE! Should be a blast...its been a while since we all chilled
NICE! Should be a blast...its been a while since we all chilled
That's for sure....where have you been hiding dude?
oktoberfest huh? im down. should be fun.
Thanks for the invite bro good time, can't wait for this next one. Always a blast chilling at your house.
lol such a random comment lol
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