Short compro of my Gallardo and 997TT

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So after a week of driving the 997TT I took the GTT out the otherday and I thought id put up a little bit of my findings on LP. Im going to keep this more to a car to car comparison, and not power. Somewhat of a stock to stock compro.

First off, the Porsche guys are always comparing the two cars, so here is my take..

First and foremost, there really is no comparison. When you drive the Porsche.. there is nothing really to it. no drama, no excitement, nothing.. You just drive.. It does everything well, somethings very well, but nothing particularly exciting. Visually, the cars are worlds appart, I havent gotten a single compliment on the Pcar, and the majority of my friends have asked why in the world I would trade a Bentley GT in for a 997TT. A step down in everyones opinion, and ZERO comparison to the Lambo.

The interior of the Porsche is well laid out, easy to get in and out, but feels cheap in comparison to the Lambo, and not even on the same planet as the Bentley. The fit and finish and quality of the car is good, but in all honesty, my Lambo is an 04, the Porsche an 08 and the lambo still feels better built. Over bumps and stuff the Porsche has a few squeaks, the lambo has none. The Bentley was in another world yet again. The Lambo is also roomier inside once you are in, but getting in and out is easier in the Porsche. One thing that the bentley also spoiled me on, is the keyless go... now I hate having to put the key in and twist.

In terms of performance, ive now figured out how to launch the car. With 2 people in the car, warmer weather it is extremely consistant.. ZERO drama, it just goes.. Turn on sport, turn off PSM, downshift to first, hold the brake... give it gas...soon as you see the boost hit around .8 bar release the brake and hold... ZERO wheelspin.. smooth launch everytime. With 2 people it runs 0-60 in 3.5-3.7 seconds everytime.. In comparison trying to achieve those numbers in a Lp560 requires loads of drama and excitement. By drama, I mean noise. Doing launches, and coming to a stop in front of a cop in the Porsche he didnt even look at me. In a Lambo would have been pulled over.

Brakes, these seem to work better in the Porsche. Just seems to stop harder and faster, although I dont have any real world data. They just seem to inspire more confidence.

So in terms of a daily driver, ya the Porsche is the better car, simply to due to ease of driving and lack of attention.. Other than that, the Lambo wins in all aspects. Performance wise, I think a good running early Gallardo will give the tiptronic a run down, with the Gallardo prob being faster on the top end. From a dead stop the Gallardo has no shot. The Porsche just puts the power down to well. With a Lp560, dead stop runs the cars are prob very similar, the Lp560 will trap higher from what Ive seen. On a roll for certain the Lp560 will win everytime inmo.

The Porsche is a great car... the lambo is an event.. All that being said, once the Porsche is modded I think its fun factor and excitement factor will rise significantly but it will still never be in the same ballpark as the Gallardo.
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I agree with you. I had a 750hp Porsche Turbo, my SL with 200+ less HP was more fun!
When I had my 06 Gallardo SE and SLR, I also had a 996TT Done by Speed Gallery. Supposedly a stage 5, approx 575awhp, techart kit etc. The 996 was very loud, stick shift etc, and I much prefered to drive the Gallardo even though the Porsche was quicker. With that setup, the Porsche lost everything that i love about the 997TT.
stock gallardo might get more looks but stock turbo is more fun to drive imo. modded - i don't know - never drove a tt gallardo - and that could be fun.

i hate people looking at me - cant' stand everyone trying to race me @ every red light - i don't know want to talk to people @ red lights & gas stations - and cops are no fun either.

the turbo has the right balance of power / under-stated-ness - speak softly & carry a big stick.

- chuck
Inmo, a stock Turbo and a stock gallardo shouldnt even be mentioned together.. Not even on the same planet, ESPECIALLY a 996.. The more I drive these 2, the more I realise how great the Gallardo is.
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