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Hey folks just wanted to share something we recently made in the form of these Laguna Seca targeted track tips. These cars are quite noisy from the factory and so a lot of us locals have been booted off the track at Laguna Seca even with a stock exhaust. Throw an aftermarket exhaust on and you're likely going to get meat-balled before you finish your first lap. Thanks to a rennlister (or two) who have been testing this design they've been able to get by the super-strict Laguna Seca sound police with a set of tips not unsimilair to what we've now come up with.

As you can see from the design we're using a flange that fits all MK1 997GT3, GT3RS and MK2 GT3 and GT3RS cars (even with the Titanium muffler). We tried to keep it as light as possible and ended up only being about 1 pound heavier than the stock factory stainless tips.

Installed on Kermit, which incidentally takes about 5 minutes (three bolts):

The most important part of the kit is the shark obviously. If all else fails just give your local sound-police chap one of these and he'll wave you on...

Again thanks to the kind folks on the board like Adam etc... for helping and generally just getting together on this. We know this design works well with a stock exhaust and at Laguna Seca and depending upon what the limits are at your track and the location of the sound meter these will also work with after market exhausts (including our own exhaust system) and help quieten things down a bit.

The other option as always is this:

And when you're not using these tips on your car they actually serve several other purposes:

Cat pooper scooper
Organic Garden Shovel
Ice-Cream dispenser
Manual Bilge Pump

So as you can see they're pretty useful these things are...

We have a few of these and more information is available on our product page:
Shark Werks GT3 Sound Deflector Tips for 997 GT3, 997 GT3RS, 2010 997 GT3 - SharkWerks Porsche Performance Experts in Northern California Bay Area (510-651-0300)
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