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i see a few cars from platinum outside already. these two sites have always kept me in the groove when i could not make it to vegas.


2010 SEMA Show Photos - Exclusive coverage - Pictures of custom vehicles and automobile aftermarket products
SEMA Daily Show Coverage 2010 from Las Vegas, Nevada -
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Cool links...Cant wait to see em in person. Nice little teaser b4 the real thing.
good showing of talent so far
Check out all my boys cars at sema. The nokturnal rides all tricked out
Nokturnal is always reppin' out there!
youll see me hanging out i take a lots of pix

add me on facebook to see them all
I am regretting not turning down a contract that is taking me to Toronto this week. I coulda had SEMA!
nice coverage. is that a 955 cayenne with a 957 conversion? looks pretty sick! keep the photos comin!
L4P usually has a pretty good representation of SEMA on here as well. We've got a looong list of members out here this year.
strap in....i just got skunked at home with my cant get much worse...see ya all tomorrow
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