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This will be a three part thread:

POST 1: Outdoor Feature cars
POST 2: Indoor Booth Cars
POST 3: SEMA Girls

The outdoor area of SEMA is a public extension of the show through the 'Feature Car' program. Any vendor who has bought booth space with SEMA can sponsor in vehicles for a fee to represent their products outside the show hall. The check-in process starts via several registration emails which include sending SEMA photos of your car. They evaluate the car from the photos and pick a check-in time for you based upon several factors but ultimately it comes down to how much they like your car and/or how much pull your primary sponsor has. The earlier your check-in the better because they start parking cars close to the show halls and work their way out.

I showed up at the earliest check-in time, 8AM, at the staging lot behind the convention center, they checked you in and you wait in a staging line as they process cars one by one. You receive your free optima battery and mothers show car care kit and are then marshaled in a giant line along the side of the convention center. The placement managers are on these little electric buggies riding up and down the line looking at the cars. I made sure to give them a smile and a wave as they drove by because they will pull the cars they like the most out of line for special placement. Luckily about 30 minutes into the wait one of the buggies drove up to my window and said 'follow me!' so I was able to jump the line and drive the car all the way to the front entrance of the main show hall! Once parked I gave the car a quick wipe down, popped the hood and started walking around to take photos of all the other cars as they rolled in.


Set-1 My Personal photos of the cars I liked...follow C2KMotorsports for more
Set-2 local Las Vegas Photographer 'Sin City Crook'…follow crookslifeshots for more


This Hurst Chevy sounded like the hounds of hell as it drove in!

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