Will you be at SEMA?

  • Yes

    Votes: 81 71.7%
  • No

    Votes: 15 13.3%
  • Not sure yet

    Votes: 17 15.0%

SEMA 2010 - Who's going?

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SEMA this year is Nov 2-5, is anyone on here planning on going? I haven't taken a vacation this year so I think I'm gonna be flying out for Thurs-Sun.
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Where's it at? I must go, even it means riding a grey hound next to sweaty old people for hours.
Vegas, as usual.
ugh man, after so many years you just kinda get sick of it... I'm still on the fence...
I would love to go. Dunno if I can make it though.
I'd love to go...never been invited.
I will be there for sure
We are not sure yet... but likely yes! I want to be able to offer some track time at Spring Mountain via Race DC Motors for L4P members. Will have a track schedule soon.
I would love to check it out for the first time. A small late Bday present to myself, and a great reason for the boys to hit up Vegas. Unfortunately at this moment, I have no way of getting in.
If there is any better year to go this would be the one. Why? One goldRush rally DVD Premiere and ... I might have a little something up my sleeve with another sponsor......:whistle::whistle:
we plan on being there... unless my mom decides NOT to watch the kids :/
trying to make it out. I have the fort lauderdale boat show oct 28-nov 1. Will see whats up. Used to go to sema all the time when i was in the biz
If there are any members here who need to get in I am willing to help you guys out. Just hit me up. It will be 25$ for your pass...
I should be set up with a friend but if not I will let you know.

What's the scoop on the GR dvd premier??? I would def be in for some L4P event(s).
I think my car will be there if there are no changes!
I will be there. We usually shut down the office for a day (or two half days) to go to the show.
I will be there ! you have to go at least once to SEMA.
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