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I'm cross-posting here in case someone stumbles upon this in the Lamborghini section and not the classifieds section; I hope that's okay! :) Up for sale is my set of 4 19" HRE P101 Monoblok rims off of my 2008 Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera. They're exact OEM sizing to fit the OEM tires. It should fit any Gallardo, V8/V10 Audi R8, LP550, LP560, LP570, etc. I'm extremely meticulous with the condition of my cars so they're in nearly mint condition and have absolutely ZERO curb rash!

In addition, these wheels are running THE perfect offset! These rims are 19" x 8.5" ET38 and 19" x 11" ET38 (stock wheels are 19" x 8.5" ET42 and 19" x 11" ET55) which brings them out a little for the most perfect stance that you could ask for.

These wheels literally only have around 300 miles on them, and are virtually brand new. I decided to sell my car, so I swapped the wheels back to the stock wheels. They have always been stored wrapped in the original HRE packaging materials inside of the original HRE wheels boxes (included).

SOLD. I'm located in Southern California and can easily ship these if you're not local.

Click here to view all 25 pictures - don't forget to click each picture to view a larger version!

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