Late last year, Donald Trump’s Greenwich mansion went on the market for $54 million. However, for one reason or another, the mansion has dropped $9 million on price down to $45 million just a few days ago. Trump purchased 21 Vista Drive in the early 1990s for $4 million with his wife Ivana, and it was his very first mansion. It was built back in 1939 for Robert Hillas, then-president of the Super Company in New York. The 19,773 square foot Georgian Colonial mansion has eight bedrooms, thirteen bathrooms and plenty of rooms for dining and entertaining your guests.

Some of the rooms seem to be stuck in the '90s with their outdated decor and old-timey feel. 
But others, such as the retro kitchen, have aged elegantly and look even better now than they did in the 90’s! 
The mansion’s foyer still captivates guests with its spectacular architecture and soaring ceilings.
This living room also has plenty of potential for its future buyer with a keen eye for interior decorating. First thing’s first: get rid of that dreadful carpet to expose the wood flooring beneath. But some of the furniture pieces are worth keeping, such as the elegant glass-and-gold-brushed side table and striped chairs.
The bedrooms would have to be re-done to keep up with the times and removing that floral wallpaper would have to be top priority. However the room does have many windows to let plenty of natural light in, which is a blessing. 
This mansion also features a guest house, a theatre, a games room with a pool table, a children’s play area in the basement as well as both indoor and outdoor pools.
The average price for a home in this area is about $2-10 million, so the original asking price of $54 million is relatively far-fetched, even for a person as known as Donald Trump. The reason why the price dropped is up in the air but perhaps it had something to do with most of the home needing some major design counselling…or the fact that it was owned by Trump himself. Either way, we hope the price keeps dipping so someone can own almost 20,000 square feet of space…and hopefully that person has a degree in interior design.

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