Ferrari 458 wide body kit was unveiled at SEMA 2015, and it was a showstopper. The matte candy red wrap provided by Apa America, Savini Wheels’ new “Forged Step Lip” concave wheel design, and Toyo Proxes all season UHP tires come together on this body kit by MISHA Designs.

There’re actually two versions of the kit: a standard, less aggressive Ferrari 458 regular body kit, and a Limited Edition Ferrari 458 wide body kit for the bold (only 20 units of the latter will be available).

The standard body kit includes the hood, front bumper, fender, side skirts without the air duct and a rear bumper and spoiler wing. The one distinct feature that stands out on the Limited Edition wide body kit is the rear itself. The back is inspired by LaFerrari FXX-K hyper car, giving the rear that supercar-aggressive look, with it’s carbon fiber wing blade extending all the way across as one piece.

All the pieces to the Ferrari 458 body kit will be made with carbon fiber; orders can now be made for both versions of the kit.