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Introducing Savini Web 2.0

We're proud to announce that we've launched an all new version of our website packed with a lot of new features, more accessibility, and faster load times. Here's a look at some of the new features we wanted to highlight for you.
Click Here to see the Website >

We're Organized

When you click on Wheels from the home page it takes you here where you can choose which wheel line you want to view. We want it to be easy for you to find what you're looking for. Choose between Black di Forza, Savini Forged, or Savini diamond.

Narrowing Down Your Search

If you were to choose Savini Forged from the wheel page you would land here. We've now given you the option to browse the entire line-up or by each configuration they're available in so if you just want to see Xtreme Concave wheels just click on Savini Forged-XC and it will only show you wheels we've already made in that configuration. If you're in the mood to explore something entirely new, you can browse each configuration and you might find something you haven't seen before.
Click Here to see our Wheels >

The New Wheels Page

Once you find the wheel you're looking for, you'll land on a page like the one you see below displaying other configuration and finish options. In the sidebar of the page you'll notice some standard information about the wheel along with photos of vehicles equipped with that particular design and information about all the configuration options it's available in. Last but not least you'll notice our new social sharing buttons that will appear to the right of your desktop or bottom on your mobile device. If you want to see what other people think about this wheel you can email it right from this page or share it on your Social Media channels.

The New Vehicles Page

Vehicles are sorted alphabetically by manufacturer. We encourage you to utilize the filters located at the top of the page. Let’s say you're looking for Mercedes-Benz, just click on the Mercedes-Benz filter and we'll show you a few of their models with our wheels on them.(For example, if you’re wanting to look for Mercedes-Benz you would click on the Mercedes-Benz filter and their models with our wheels on them will be displayed) If you're in the mood to explore, you can simply click on the 'Show All' filter on the top right and it will display our entire vehicle media gallery. We have thousands of pictures on here so enjoy and be sure to share them on your social media channel or with friends. Oh, and don't forget to tag us!
#saviniwheels @saviniwheels
Click Here to see our Vehicles Gallery >


We've added a whole new page dedicated to wheel finishes. Our main focus here was to show you finishes you may have not seen before to give you some ideas for your next purchase.
Click Here to be Inspired >

The New Wheel Builder

With the all new wheel builder you can visualize a variety of custom finishes on the wheel of your choice. We've now given you the option to create from our Black di Forza line along with our Savini Forged and Savini Diamond line-ups. You can also email or share your creation to any of your Social Media channels.
Click Here to get Creative >

The New iConfigurator

We're proud to introduce the all new iConfigurator. This was designed so you can further visualize your next set of wheels on your vehicle or take a look at what your favorite wheel would like on your dream car.
Click Here to Dream >

Mobile Responsive

We know that you're not always sitting at your desk or using your laptop so we wanted to make it easier for you to access all of our great content no matter where you are. You can now pick up any device whether it is a Smartphone or Tablet and our website will automatically adapt to your screen size so you no longer have to pinch and zoom to view images or make selections. We've even built-in mobile social sharing tools that are always at your fingertips for a seamless web experience.

Experience The Website Now
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